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Political, and social commentary from an inherently angry man.


September 2, 2020

Another Comeback Episode?

With everything going on, I felt compelled to get back on here and start talking about some of it. Hang on cuz I'm just getting warmed up again. 

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The more I look into how the government deceives the public, the more I find out that they don't actually do anything to hide it. They are bought and paid for by special interest and big business and are in no way ashamed. We never had control, and we never will. They will just implement programs, slowly but surely, that lead us further and further into genuine slavery. And we will go, not only without a fight, but with a smile on our face. Just give us a few trinkets to distract us, drugs to make us complacent, and BOOM!!! instant robots!!!

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People in Sacramento are pissed that no charges will be filed against the cops that shot and killed Stephon Clark. I understand this. But I don't understand why they think inciting riots are the way to get anything to change. Wouldn't it be better to get yourself elected to a position that could possible change the outcome of these situations? If Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez can get elected, I'm pretty sure anyone can. 

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February 24, 2019

Rants and Rage Returns!!!

Sorry I've been gone! I've had a lot of binge watching I had to catch up. I'm back and here's my first episode of 2019. Tune in or be square. 

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More of my thoughts on the despicable philosophy of Socialism and what's wrong with the entire system. 

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Socialism is bad, mkay? But mostly, it doesn't seem to be thought through. I've recently began studying socialism because I think it's important to have information on more than one single viewpoint. My conclusion is that it's a horribly thought-out plan and only appeals to those who don't want to put in any effort at life. 

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After a break from the negativity, I'm fucking back! Although, I'm prolly a little less negative that the past. Prolly cuz there are too many amazing things going on in my life. Fear not, though. I still have an opinion on everything. 

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What can I say? I think ALL kids should be kept in cages. 

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